Seasons, Dwell, + Climb! New Christadelphian Magazines for Sisters + Teens

Magnify Him Together is really excited to share with you this amazing project by Sister Rose Stone + so many contributors!







200 pages of encouragement for sisters of all ages 17+ to 100+ featuring articles, interviews, recipes, book excerpts, guided Bible studies, + much more. Originally printed August 2021, we are taking orders for a second print run –  please order by end of September 2021. Click here for a sneak peek!









Dwell is a quiet time journal. This is an updated daily practice, helping you record and delight in your time in God’s Word. You can record your daily gratitude, memory verse, prayer, study notes, what you are learning about God, + how what you’ve learned will change your perspective and way of life that day. Over 300 pages, ring-bound. Orders close end of September 2021 for delivery end of October. Click here for a sneak peek!









Climb is an A5 magazine-style workbook for teens focusing on the sermon on the mount. Full of articles, reflections, guided studies, and fun activities all based around our Lord Jesus’ teaching from the sermon on the mount. We are hoping to publish this by the end of October, God willing. Recommended age 12-13+. Click here for a sneak peek!




Please note: that these are not a subscription “magazine” – you will receive a one-time item when ordering!

If you are interested in ordering any of these items please email us at as we will be a local distributor of these within North America!

You can also order directly from Sister Rose Stone until the dates above are mentioned at in Australia!


That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace” (Psalm 144:12)

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