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Bible Character Video - The Nobleman

Thank you to Jay Mayock!


Memory Verse Song - Hebrews 11:1

Thank you to Cayla Hodge!

This memory verse song corresponds to the memory verse cards below.


Memory Verse Sheet

Thank you to Lydia Osborn!

(See also the memory verse song in the section above!)

Download the template sheet (PDF) below to glue the memory verse cards onto.

Practical Challenge

Thank you to Tirzah Islip for these practical challenges!

Thank you to Lydia Osborn for designing the cards!

Coloring Sheet

Thank you to Karen Pillion for this sheet!

Homework Sheet

Thank you to Rachel Readman for this homework sheet!

Homework Sheet

Thank you to Jim Styles for this homework sheet!

Homework Review Lesson 1-6

Thank you to Jim Styles!

Homework Supplement Chart

(You can download the entire Homework supplement book below.)

Homework Supplement Sheet

(You can also download a writing page for this lesson below.)

Other Website Resources.

FreeBibleImages Powerpoint has illustrations that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link: **please note this is a different illustrator than other weeks.

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