Daniel 11 Workbook

Thank you to Debbie Bartholomew for this workbook!

We have all had those moments in our lives when the Bible became a very real, living book in our hands.  Those studies just made your skin tingle as you realized that God truly was the author of the Bible and He was in control of all things right down to the smallest of details.  I can remember, with extreme clarity, when I had that experience.  I was a teenager sitting in our regular weeknight Bible Class.  We had been going through Daniel for some time and had made it to chapter 11.  As the chapter began to unfold, the prophecy was matched up with the historical events that happened hundreds of years after Daniel was asleep awaiting the resurrection.  I was utterly amazed at the absolute accuracy of the prophecy.  Amazed and encouraged because there were still parts of the prophecy awaiting fulfillment.  I realized then that as sure as the early events were fulfilled, the things we were still waiting for would come to pass with the same surety!  It was an incredible faith confirming study.

A decade or so later, while deciding what to teach at a Bible school for 10-12-year-olds, I thought Daniel 11 would be an exciting journey to take them on.  And so the Daniel 11 workbook for kids was born!  I leaned heavily on Bro. HP Mansfield’s verse by verse notes on Daniel for this workbook.  For parents wanting to get the most out of this study with their children, I recommend using this resource and doing the study for yourself first.  The workbook is set up as a verse by verse fill-in-the-blank type workbook with the verse being considered in the left-hand column.  These notes can easily be used as Bible marking notes once they are complete.  There is an answer key document to go along with the workbook too if you get stuck.  May you find it a rewarding and faith confirming journey!


Daniel 11 Part 1 Worksheets PDF

Daniel 11 Part 2 Worksheets PDF

Daniel 11 Part 1 Answer Key PDF

Daniel 11 Part 2 Answer Key PDF


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