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Available soon from the Christadelphian Magazine in the UK, Christadelphian Books & Literature in Melbourne Australia, and Christadelphian Scripture Study Service in Adelaide Australia.

“A Time To Serve” – Book 6 in the series by S.J. Knight.

  The Divine message of salvation has been carried across the Empire from Jerusalem to Greece, taking root in the most unlikely of godless places. With the gospel still finding hearts and working miracles against all expectations, ecclesias are growing yet so are their problems. Paul’s third and longest journey is drawing to an end, but continual physical and emotional trials are taking their toll.

  Paul’s passion for his people and the faith of their forefathers smoldered within him in a neverending conflict of love and dismay. The muted sounds from the synagogue both comforted him and grieved him. Such was his sorrow over his erring kinsmen … but what potent emotion was ever dissolved simply by adding reason? What he felt was what he felt.”
Never has the support of fellowworkers in the Lord’s service been so vital. For Loukanos, Sylvanus, Titus, Lydia, Phoebe and young Rufus nothing is static as life sweeps on with personal challenges, triumphs, and surprises amid constantly changing circumstances.  From Philippi down to Corinth, believers old and new face moments of selfrevelation and lifechanging decisions while some stumble upon unforeseen happiness. Meanwhile, the race is on to complete the work.

-S. Knight

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