Scripture Writing Plan for December – Spiritual Gardening: Harvest

Thank you to Julie Snobelen for this writing plan!

As I am writing this, my garden plants are producing fruit, but not all of them. A watermelon plant in my greenhouse that I didn’t water is very small and although it has a few flowers, they are too late and it will not have a chance to produce fruit. A tomato plant that I did not weed is hard to find and has only a few small tomatoes on it. A couple plants withered and died from disease. Some were eaten by a porcupine that got into my garden. However, many have produced more that we could eat ourselves and so we have been able to share.

The harvest is a time of celebration. It was never meant to be an individual celebration, but one that celebrated the abundant return that God provides from the earth—a blessing for all.

In the same way, the fruit of the word or spirit is not only an individual blessing. It is also a realization of the Divine purpose—to bear fruit, to increase, and to fill the earth with the glory of God.

December Scripture Writing Plan – Harvest 2021 PDF

December Scripture Writing Plan PLUS Weekly Planner and Meditations PDF


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