2022 Verse Writing Plan! (Planner available on Amazon!)

“Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”
Matthew 6:10

How do we think this will ever happen unless what is on earth does the will of God?  But in order to do this will, we first need to know what this will is.

What is in our own minds is not the will of God.  We can only know God’s will by becoming increasingly familiar with the Words He has provided for us which demonstrate and state His will for us.

Writing out a few words of Scripture every day, taking some time to think about them, and putting them into action in your life will change you. At the end of the year you will have absorbed some of the will of God and worked it out into your life.

If God gives us another year to prepare for His kingdom, perhaps you could take the time to consider a few “I will’s” of Scripture with the help of this Scripture writing plan.

The monthly themes will be available on the Magnify Him Together website to download (updated monthly on our Scripture Writing Plan Homepage), or if you wish you could use this full-colour daily planner, entitled “I WILL… transforming self will into God’s will”.

Each month follows a different theme under that umbrella, such as ‘I will… worship’, ‘I will… keep’, ‘I will… praise’, etc., with opportunity to study the theme word chosen and how it can affect your life and walk in the Lord. Also included are relevant quotes from “The Life of Jesus” by Bro. Melva Purkis, among others.

Each day has a scriptural quote, following the monthly theme, to write out and consider.

Included as well are a monthly psalm to write out and pray and beautiful hymns and poems as well as room for your daily tasks and dates to remember.

Also wonder and marvel at our Creator throughout the year, as each month also details twelve common butterflies and amazing facts about the life cycle of butterflies – for the apostle Paul himself likened the spiritual transformation that occurs in our minds to the metamorphosis that occurs from caterpillars to butterflies!

Be sure to also check out the Junior version here for those who might find it easier to have one verse to consider each week.

Click here for a sample of the writing plan PDF.


Click here for the January PDFs.


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