“The Seals of Revelation” Lapbook

It’s that time of year again where we are looking at the book of Revelation in our Daily Bible Readings.  Sometimes it is difficult to know how to approach this  book with our children.  For those wanting to tackle that as a family project, we are sharing with you today “The Seals of Revelation” lapbook!  A number of years ago when our children were young, Sis. Sarah Osborn and I had decided that if we had to teach history to our kids for our homeschool curriculum, it would be far more profitable to teach it through the lens of the Bible.  The book of Revelation is full of history, so we figured that would be a good jumping off point – and the “Seals of Revelation” lapbook was born.  We used the material to teach our combined 7 kids at the time, ages ranging from 5-12 year olds.   The package we are sharing today has all the instructions you need to create a book showcasing all the children will learn as you explore the Seals of Revelation together as well as reference material links for the parents.  May God bless you all in your studies!   – Sis. Debbie Bartholomew

Seals – Note and information for parent/teacher – READ ME FIRST

Bible Marking PDFs

Lapbook printout PDFs

Lapbook Photos


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