January Scripture Writing Plan – I will… Worship

Thank you to Julie Snobelen for this writing plan!

The Egg

Every butterfly begins as a tiny egg only 1-3 mm in size. However, under a microscope, the surface of the egg becomes a magnificent specimen of symmetry and intricate design. Some are ribbed, some are honeycombed, and some are ornamented like a wicker basket. Each species has a unique design.

Depending on the species, a female butterfly may lay just a few, to hundreds of eggs on or near plants that the babies will eat. Some are
laid in clusters, some stacked, and some singly.
  Some are laid on tops of leaves, some underneath, some hidden in tree bark, or on grass

As an egg is laid it is covered with a sticky liquid that immediately glues it firmly to the leaf or stem. Those laid in warm weather hatch
in a few days, but some eggs can also survive
through a winter.

An egg starts out light coloured and darkens as it is ready to hatch. Then a small hole appears and a tiny caterpillar chews its way out and for its first meal consumes the eggshell. 

Perhaps we can think of this as the beginning of spiritual life: tiny, helpless, but beautiful and full of potential.

January Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Worship (verses sheet only)
January Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Worship (including a planner and meditation pages)


Junior Sample Page

Junior 2022 Writing Scripture Writing Plan – Intro and January: I Will Worship



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