Jesus Raises Lazarus

Homework "Pick 3" Chart

This collection of worksheets can be used alongside the CSSA Stage 4 Lesson Book. With homework question sheets for each lesson & optional extras – you can help instil the importance of living out the lessons that we read from God’s word every week!

(You can download the entire Homework supplement book below.)

Framed Memory Verse

Click above to download this week's memory verse!

Framed Memory Verse

Click above to download this week's memory verse!

Magnify Him Together has done a review on the musical portrayal “Lamb of God” which can be found below. In this musical, there are a number of songs relating to the story of Lazarus, Mary, & Martha.

Lamb of God Review

Lamb of God Review


Songs from John 11

Shout of Grace Music is a website by Brother Caleb Osborn. He has written an album entitled “Redeemer” and on this album he has written a song called “Come Forth” on the topic of Lazarus’ resurrection. You can download the link below or visit his website at:

Sister Jessica Ackerman wrote a song entitled “Sisters in Christ” about the two sisters of Lazarus: Mary & Martha. You can download the song below or visit Jehoshaphat Music to download it there:

Study A Disciple

Click on the image above to download all twelve disciples PDF!

Study An Animal

Click on the image above to download the homework sheet PDF!

Coloring Sheet

Thank you to Claire R for this sheet!

Word Search

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Other Resources.

Homework Sheet

Thank You Sister Pam Styles!

Click here to download the whole package.

Class Recommendations

Brother John Martin has done a series on the Life of Christ with 197 classes! These (and many more) classes can all be found conveniently on:

Brother Jason Hensley has done a podcast on the subject of Lazarus’ Resurrection entitled, “This Illness” which can be found here.

For more information: see Jason Hensley’s Book “Glimpses of the Master”

Book Recommendations

The following are a few works within the brotherhood that address the lessons & topics and may be used for prep or used by the student as part of the homework “pick three”:

  1. A Life of Jesus by M Purkis (an audio book can be found here.)
  2. The Gospel of John by J Carter
  3. Nazareth Revisited by R Roberts (an audio book can be found here.)
  4. Guide Book to the Gospels (*& New Testament) by HP Mansfield
  5. Glimpses of the Master by Jason Hensley
Magnify Him Together
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