May Scripture Writing Plan – I will… Give Thanks

Thank you to Julie Snobelen for this writing plan!


Once a caterpillar has reached it’s full size, it spins a little web of silk onto a twig or a leaf that it can hang from.  It’s skin splits open and shrinks as it wiggles until the skin is almost completely off.  Then it must attach itself properly with a set of little hooks to the web and let the skin fall away.  The new skin soon hardens to become the typical chrysalis shape for the species.

It stays this way, quiet and separate from the activity around it for one to three weeks depending on the species.  Some butterflies will overwinter in the chrysalis stage and emerge in the spring.  Although it seems quiet and non-interactive there is a lot going on inside.

In our spiritual life, perhaps this is indicative of how God works with us, inside, out of sight, quietly, not through our own strivings.

May Scripture Writing Plan – I will Give Thanks (verses only)


May Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Give Thanks (including planner and meditation pages)


Junior May Scripture Writing Plan – I Will Give Thanks



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