August Scripture Writing Plan – I will… Offer

Thank you to Julie Snobelen for this writing plan!


Although some studies have indicated that a butterfly may retain some of its learned behaviour during its time being a caterpillar, it becomes something completely different.

It gives up its eyes.  While a caterpillar can only see in black and white, a butterfly can see even more colours than humans.

It gives up a mouth for eating leaves for a long proboscis.  A caterpillar’s primary function is to eat plants.  A butterfly’s primary function is to lay eggs and when feeding it pollinates plants.

It gives up its short legs for much longer legs that can taste for sugars or whether a plant is suitable to lay her eggs on.

And, of course, a butterfly gives up hold on the ground for wings allowing it much more freedom!

It’s worth contemplating what is given up and what is gained in a spiritual life to see it in a new light.



August Scripture Writing Plan – I will Offer (verses only)


August Scripture Writing Plan – I will Offer (including planner and meditation pages)


Junior August Scripture Writing Plan – I will Offer



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