Sunday School Resources for CSSA Stage 5 Introduction

We’re very thankful for the many brothers and sisters who have contributed resources again this year!  Thanks to all of them, we have another packed year of amazing resources.  We pray that you will find this all useful in the Sunday School year ahead.

Please email us and let us know if there is something that you would like to see added to the resource list.

The intermediate post will be shared tomorrow & the primary and junior posts will be shared starting next Thursday, God willing.


Resources in the Primary / Junior Posts

  • Bible Character or Object Lesson Video corresponding to each lesson
  • Sunday School Lesson Songs
  • Memory Verse Cards
  • Whole year Lapbook craft
  • Practical Challenges
  • Powerpoint Images
  • Brand new coloring sheets
  • CSSA Activity Pages
  • CSSA Crafts
  • Playdough Mats
  • Homework Sheets
  • Supplemental Homework Sheets
  • Pinterest links
  • More resources, as available!

Resources in the Intermediate Post

The intermediate resources will be combined into one post this year.  Look for that post tomorrow


  • “Pick 3” Lesson book worksheets
  • Memory verse prints to frame
  • Additional question sheets and projects
  • Class and book recommendations
  • More resources, as available!

Magnify Him Together
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