The Enormous, Tiny Experiment Audio Book – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – A Strange Event
Aimee composes a new song for certain members of the engineering team. Not everyone thinks this is fair. The new contest is announced and the Tinys choose groups. Aimee and Zahir find themselves working together alone, and enjoy the afternoon reading instructions on the leaves of a fast-growing sunflower. The abnormal plant becomes a menace and must be cut down. A dangerous tool is delivered to Paradise and Uncle Louis delivers an important message about choices.
Listen to chapter 19 here:

Chapter 19 Audio

“The Enormous TINY Experiment” is the first book now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle eBook form. In Australia it is only available as an eBook at this time, due to Amazon’s limitations. This series has been self-published, in order that all proceeds can be donated to Agape in Action – a charitable, Christadelphian organization distributing food, medicine, wells, schooling and Bible instruction to those in desperate conditions around the world.

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