The Torchbearer – Audio Book

The Torchbearer by S.J. Knight is now on audio!  Below are time stamps for the chapter breaks.

The audio files are also available for download on The Christadelphian website: The Christadelphian – The Torchbearer

The MagnifyHimTogether review on the Torchbearer is here.

0:0:10                 Chapter 1           Boyhood in Tarsus

0:29:26               Chapter 2           Jerusalem Years

0:47:15               Chapter 3           Who is on the Lord’s Side?

1:00:47               Chapter 4           Persecutor of the Nazarenes

1:21:17               Chapter 5           Stopped in His Tracks

1:38:19               Chapter 6           Escape from Damascus

1:50:36               Chapter 7           Enemies and Friends

2:08:56               Chapter 8           Learning Patience

2:37:20               Chapter 9           Hopes and Conflict on Cyprus

3:07:58               Chapter 10         A Shock for the Preachers in Perga

3:29:17               Chapter 11         Antagonism in Antioch

3:53:45               Chapter 12         Threats in Iconium and New Friends in Lystra

4:10:20               Chapter 13         A Miracle, a Misunderstanding, and a Mob

4:40:33               Chapter 14         The Long Way Home

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