The Enormous, Tiny Experiment Audio Book – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Leaving Paradise
With their world in disarray, flooded, marred and all the electronics ruined, the Professor and Evan have no choice but to send the Tinys back to the nursery. Some beg to stay and rebuild, but Louis recognizes the damage is beyond their ability to repair. Faithful to the researchers who are overseeing the project, Uncle Louis tries to explain the disaster to the children. Unhappily, they exit their once beautiful world.
Listen to chapter 31 here:

Chapter 31 audio

“The Enormous TINY Experiment” is the first book now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle eBook form. In Australia it is only available as an eBook at this time, due to Amazon’s limitations. This series has been self-published, in order that all proceeds can be donated to Agape in Action – a charitable, Christadelphian organization distributing food, medicine, wells, schooling and Bible instruction to those in desperate conditions around the world.

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