Printable Resources

Bible Marking Sheets for Teens

Bible marking sheets from various sources.

Bible Reading Templates and Journal Pages

Lots of Bible Reading templates: Books of the Bible on a bookshelf to keep track of what you have read, illustrate the chapter in comic boxes template, and templates for deeper Bible reading.

Meeting Notes Template

Print off this template to keep all your meeting notes in one place.

Bible School Journal

This Bible School Journal Template captures in a very simple way a high level summary of a Bible School week, so that when you get home you have a big picture reminder of what you want to remember.

Chronology of the Bible Art

Timeline of the Bible chart depicts an overview of the main stories in a fun, kid friendly format.

Kings of Israel and Judah Chart

Chart showing the timeline of the Kings of Israel and Judah. Several printable options for coloring or for reference.

Life of Christ Chronology Art

Print this chronology of Christ's Life as an overview to follow along with.

Book of Acts Chronology Art

Print this chronology of Acts as an overview timeline of the book to follow along with.

Open When... Jesus Christ has Returned

What if we sent a letter to everyone we know, to open when… Jesus Christ has returned? This post has suggestions and a printable letter to use (or use as a template for your own).

Bible Verse Cards

Printable Bible verse cards for giving or putting around your room or car.

Mini Notes for Sharing Hope

Print these note cards to share your faith and hope with friends and strangers. You can write a personal message on the back or simply add contact information.

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Ten highly detailed Bible coloring art pages.

Commandments of Christ Review Game and Audio

Printable color coded Commandments of Christ cards and audio of the commandments of Christ.

Bible Study Templates

Print off these templates for character study, word study, and book of the Bible overview study.

Letters from Israel

Letters written "from" various cities and landmarks in Israel sharing interesting information about that place.

Kingdom Art

Artwork of various aspect of the kingdom and temple of the future age.

Bible Reading Challenge

Many more printable resources (and activity & craft ideas) corresponding to the books of the Bible.

CSSA Sunday School

CSSA Sunday School resources for teens include Bible marking sheets, homework sheets. There are also review, end of year, play and prizegiving resources.


Recommended and New Books for Teens

Recommended books and new book announcements.

Favorite Bible and Bible Study Apps

These Bible apps are handy resources to carry around in your back pocket.

Bible Crossword Book

This Bible crossword book has puzzles for each of the daily readings.

Bible Reading Discussion Cards

These Bible Reading discussion cards are a great way to encourage conversation around the Bible readings.

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