Bible Songs for Kids

A growing collection of children's music.

Christadelphian Hymn Resources

Simplified Hymns

Simplified hymn sheet music for piano beginners.

Hymn Variations

Sheet music - Hymn variations

Hymnbook Concordance

An online Hymn Book Concordance

More Christadelphian Music Resources

Other Recommended Resources

Seedbed Psalms review

All 150 Psalms converted to familiar hymn melodies.

Sing the Word review

Scripture put to music for children.

Lamb of God review

Musical of the Life of Christ

Musical Activities

Memory Verse Song Box

Using music to memorize Bible facts (includes a list of songs such as 66 Books of the Bible, Days of Creation, 10 plagues, 10 commandments and many more!)

Song and Praise Evenings

Resources and themed powerpoints for Song and Praise evenings.

Magnify Him Together
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