Life of Christ Chronology Art

{Thank you Erin S. for this illustrated Life of Christ!} The sequel for the Illustrated Old Testament Chronology is here!  This illustration is perfect for a Bible insert, SS notebook page, poster…. the possibilities are

Ecclesial Newsletter

{Thank you to Bethany J. for this post!} An ecclesial newsletter, in the simplest description, is a way to keep everyone up to date on the upcoming ecclesial events and activities. But it can also

Junior Elpis Israel Class Series (Classes 20-26)

This is the fifth week in a series of eight Junior Elpis Israel Classes by Jonathan Bowen.  Below you’ll find the audio for classes 20-26, and the corresponding notes for each of the classes.  

Spiritual Goals Month One: Bible Intake

In the first chapter of Genesis, the book of beginnings, is the account of God’s Word going forth to create light and life.  God’s Word went forth, and it was done.  His Word did not

Updates and themes for 2019

Dear Reader: Welcome to 2019! In the New Year, we hope to continue with our Sunday School series on Thursdays and Bible Verse Art on Fridays. We plan to continue sharing home resources and ecclesial

Genesis One Bible Marking for Kids

{Thank you to Josh H. for this Bible marking activity!} This two page Bible marking sheet is a great activity to incorporate Bible marking into your daily readings (or as a separate study activity). Genesis

“God Is…” Verse Writing Plan for January

{Thank you to Julie S.} We know that God is a Spirit and that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and eternal, and these are characteristics that are beyond our capability to imitate. However, so many of

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