Exodus through Deuteronomy Arch Books – Review

This is the second post in our series of Arch book reviews. The intent of this series of posts is to review the 130 titles that are currently in print from a Christadelphian standard so

Meeting Matters

(Thanks to Kristen A. for today’s post) Memorial service matters. We try to faithfully gather each week to remember Jesus. This is one of the many important parts to our lives as brethren in Christ.

Luke Bible Reading Journal

While there are four gospels describing the life of our Lord, the book of Luke is very specific and unique within the gospels.  This is evidenced by the many sections of Scripture that are completely

Genesis Arch Books – Review

Arch® Books – they’ve been around forever, and continue to be part of many Bible book collections.  The first books came out in 1959 and over the past fifty-plus years there have been nearly 400

Creation (CSSA Junior Stage 1 Lesson 2)

Junior Lesson The Creation – what an exciting opportunity to explore the Biblical record and dig a little deeper with children as they grow older. The CSSA notes focus a lot on the physical seven

Tabitha Class – Handicraft with a Purpose

{Thank you to Judy M. for this guest post!} “Mommy, can we join Brownies?”  This is the question that began a journey for our family to create spiritual alternative activities for our children.  For those

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