Sisters Events

Mothers in Israel Tea Party

This idea was used originally as an opportunity for a group of young ladies to spend some time with the older sisters in the Ecclesia getting to know them, and learn from them, as Titus 3:3-5 tells us to do.

Wedding Resources

The Wedding Collection: The Engagement

Introduction to the Wedding Collection series, and spiritual principles of the Engagement.

The Wedding Collection: The Ring

Insights to various gems mentioned in Scripture and their spiritual significance.

The Wedding Collection: The Ceremony

Ideas and thoughts (and printable resources) for the structure of a spiritually focused ceremony.

The Wedding Collection: The Vows

Principles and verses to be considered when writing your vows, including a template resource that can be used to formulate your own vows with these principles and verses in mind.

The Wedding Collection: The Music

Resources for Biblical music for weddings.

The Wedding Collection: The Decor

Ideas and thoughts for spiritually focused wedding decor.

The Wedding Collection: Resources

Marriage books and class recommendations.

Bible Themed Wedding Shower Games

Bible based games for wedding showers. Printable pdfs included.

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