Meet the Bible Character Videos

Meet characters from the Bible - David, King Solomon, Queen of Sheba, Jezebel, the Shunamite woman and more!

Object Lesson Videos

Engaging object lessons for elementary school kids and up.

CHC Video Devotions

These video devotions were first created for CHC, and are a helpful mini classes for school age kids and teens.

Memory Verse Videos

These fun Bible verse videos are a great way to introduce memory verses or watch to help remember them.


Drama and play videos.

Eye Spy with Ellie

Each video contains objects that correspond to a Bible story. When Ellie takes something away, you have to guess what it is!

Kindy Sunday School Videos

These videos correspond to the youngest CSSA kids' lessons.

Food Craft Videos

These edible crafts correspond to various Bible lessons!

SS Lapbook Craft Videos

These Sunday School lapbook craft videos correspond to the year long lapbook craft for CSSA Stage 3 (covering David through birth of Christ).

Bible Craft Videos

Open ended Bible craft videos suitable for many lessons and videos corresponding to specific lessons - follow along with the video for instructions to make the craft!

In His FootSteps - CSSA Videos

CSSA is excited to present ‘In His Footsteps’ Bible videos for children! Each 15-20 minute episode is full of acting, singing and craft activities to teach children God’s Word. In His Footsteps episodes are accessed through a video platform on a subscription basis.

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