Thank you for visiting us at “Magnify Him Together”!  The idea for this site began over five years ago when we realized how often we “re-invent the wheel” producing children’s classes.  The idea has since grown to include many more spiritual resources and sources for encouragement that we believe would be worthwhile to collect in one place.  We have a lot of resources that we are currently working to put together,  and feel excited to share them with you.  To start with, we plan to post regularly on the following topics:

  • Highlights from Bible Class Series
  • Resources for Ecclesial Activities
  • Bible Book Reviews for Children
  • Children Bible Teaching Ideas and Resources
  • Photo Verse Collection

We hope that you can set aside a little quiet time to join us regularly as we update, and we pray that you will find your time here encouraging and helpful as you seek to praise and magnify God in your life.

To those of you who have inspired and supported us directly and indirectly – THANK YOU.  It would not have been possible to start this site without your encouragement, ideas, feedback, and help!

We would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us if you have thoughts or recommendations that you or others might find useful for this site.  May God be with you.  DLK

Magnify Him Together
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