“Sarx and the Thorn” Audio Book

Sarx and the ThornWell, I have bad news and good news today.  I’ll start with the bad news…  Sarx and the Thorn (by Martha Sales) is no longer in print.  Sarx and the Thorn is a story about Sarx, a new corn plant in Johnnie Waters’ garden.  Although a friendly cat warns Sarx about allowing thorns to grow next to him, Sarx ignores her advice when a thorn pops up and appears small and friendly.  The story has a happy ending while also reinforcing the lesson of the harm that comes when thorns are allowed to grow.  This story is a fun read for kids, and it’s unfortunate that it’s no longer in print! 🙁

However, now I also have good news!  I’m excited to share with you an audio book of Sarx and the Thorn read by Johnnie Waters (Abel) himself:)  Enjoy!!


Sarx Audio Book



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