Paul’s Third Journey Review Game

As we mentioned in one of our posts last week, it’s that time of year again when Sunday Schools are starting to wrap up for the summer holidays … well, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!

Reviews, exams, project books and prize giving … so many things to look forward to, but some extra work too!

Today we are going to share with you a board game that reviews Paul’s third missionary journey and the collection for the poor saints in Jerusalem (CSSA lessons 16 to 19).

Purpose of the Game:

Help get all eight brothers to meet in Troas with the money for the poor brothers and sisters in Jerusalem.  Once they all meet in Troas, they sail by ship ALTOGETHER to Jerusalem (via Tyre & Caesarea).  This is taken from Acts 20v1-6.

Game Materials:

  • Large map showing the route of the Jerusalem Poor Fund delegates to Troas, then onto Jerusalem (included in post).
  • Chocolate gold coins (purchased at a Dollar Store)
  • Dice
  • Miniature ship (you could make your own or use a toy boat you already have)
  • Figures/game pieces for delegates
  • List of questions for the lessons you are reviewing (we have put together a list of questions roughly based on the CSSA lessons 16 to 19, primary notes – but you could use any lessons from Paul’s life).

Set up:

1.  Print the game board on several sheets of paper. If you are not sure how to do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Open PDF file in Adobe Reader.
  • Click on FILE ⇒ PRINT.
  • Under “Page Sizing and Handling” select POSTER.
  • Under “Tile Scale” change the percentage to whatever size you would like to print the game board. It varies from printer to printer … approximately 190% prints the game board on 4 sheets of paper.
  • Click on PRINT.
  • Trim some of the edges, align and glue together on a large sheet of cardboard / Bristol board

2.  Put the eight delegates on their starting city:

  • Gaius:  Derbe
  • Timothy:  Lystra
  • Tychicus:  Ephesus
  • Sopater:  Berea
  • Aristarchus:  Thessalonica
  • Secundus:  Thessalonica
  • Luke:  Philippi
  • Paul:  Corinth

3.  The teacher has the chocolate gold coins and the list of review questions.

4.  Place ship near Troas.

Game Rules:

Children take turns rolling the dice. The number on the dice corresponds with the lesson number that the review question is taken from.  There is a dice instructions document included in the post as a guide, but you can use whatever lessons you are reviewing.

If the child answers the question correctly, they get a gold coin for the Jerusalem Poor Fund and move one brother one space (doesn’t matter which brother they move – the class works as a team to get all the brothers to Troas).

Each brother has to be moved along his corresponding color until he gets to his colored star at Troas. Once all eight brothers have made it to Troas, they move as a group in the ship towards Jerusalem.

Once the fund has been delivered to Jerusalem, the children can enjoy their chocolate coins!

We hope you enjoy this board game!


This PDF document is the game board.

This PDF document is a printable version of the above game instructions.

This PDF document is the dice instructions.

This PDF document is a list of the review questions from Lessons 16 to 19.

Please refer to this post for another review game on the life of Paul.

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