Chain Review Game

The book of Acts is chalked full of references of our brethren being bound for the sake of the Gospel.  Here are just some examples:

  • 12:6-7
  • 20:22-25
  • 21:10-13
  • 22:25
  • 28:20

Purpose of the Game:

Build a paper chain that looks like a metal chain, with the words “For the Hope of Israel I am bound with this chain”.

Game Materials:

  • Silver / grey cardstock or construction paper cut into strips (available at most dollar stores).
  • Paper cutter / scissors.
  • Stapler.
  • Marker.


  1. Have the students answer a question from any of the lessons in Acts.
  2. If the student answers correctly, they “earn” a piece of paper to staple to the chain. You can either pre-write the letters on some of the strips of paper or let the students write the letter before stapling it onto the chain.
  3. Some children may need help with the stapling, especially young ones!

This could be a fun decoration to hang around your Sunday School room as a reminder of the daily sacrifice we should be making for the gospel’s sake.

Please refer to this post for another review game on the life of Paul.

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