Roman Theme Family Night

Arch of Titus showing spoils of war from Roman conquest of Jerusalem A.D. 70

Why do a Roman theme night? The whole New Testament is written under the shadow of the Roman empire. Christ was put to death by the Romans, Paul was a prisoner of Rome for many years before appearing before Caesar himself. Paul writes “all in Rome called to be saints” referring to the preaching that was done throughout the Roman habitable. We know from Daniel’s prophecy (Daniel chapter 2) that the Roman Empire were the two legs of iron in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It was the Roman army that God would use to judge the nation of Israel in A.D. 70. It was the Pagan Roman emperor Constantine that would become the so-called “first Christian emperor” and thus start the persecution of the saints of God. By learning more about Roman life and culture we can appreciate what life was like for many of our brothers and sisters of old.

Although originally done as a CYC activity, it could easily be done as an Ecclesial family night.

Attila the Hun and Hercules




  • White, gold and blue tablecloths
  • Ivy/myrtle garlands
  • Goblets for grape juice
  • Silver platters



Food Ideas:

  • Deviled eggs on lettuce bed
  • Grape juice, ginger ale
  • Honey cakes, fig newtons
  • Meat and cheese platter w/ crackers – serve on a decorative mirror
  • Pizza, grapes, dates, olives
  • Italian bread with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive oil to dip in.

“Romanized”  the food by adding Latin descriptions. For instance, the meat was labeled “caro” and the cheese was labeled “caseus.”

Activity:  Host a Roman circus

  • Three legged running race
  • Wheelbarrow races
  • Jumping competitions/limbo
  • Finish off the fun with a mini-Olympic awards ceremony to honour all of the athletes. Buy medals at the local dollar store. Use milk crates to make the award platforms.

Bro. Roger Lewis’ last class in his Lessons from the Pastoral Epistles series focuses on Paul’s final letter written as a prisoner in Rome. This is a link to that class.


Magnify Him Together
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