Making Gift Baskets (as part of a Family Day)

We have done gift basket making as a CYC activity but it could also be incorporated into an Ecclesial family day.  You could make gift baskets for the elderly in your ecclesia / area, or someone who is sick, or “just because”!  Everyone loves to receive a gift basket!

This is how it works … each family brings three or four items to be put into a gift basket.  (The number of items to be brought by each family will depend on how many people are participating and how many baskets you would like to make.)

Arrange for someone to pick-up in advance enough baskets (or gift boxes), tissue paper, cellophane, curling ribbon etc.

Now to the fun part … take a selection of all the items brought in by different people and put together a basket!  The kids usually love to place all the items in the basket in their own little unique way!

Some ideas of things to include in the gift baskets:

  • Food and fruit
  • Homemade cookies / baking
  • Homemade canned goods (eg. salsa, jam, pickles)
  • Fresh veggies from the garden (this one is good for making baskets in the Fall)
  • Speciality tea
  • Artwork done by the Sunday School children
  • Nice napkins
  • Candles
  • Soap / hand soap
  • Magnets

It’s nice to either include a homemade card or you could use a gift tag similar to these found in this document.  Here are some gift tags you could print or customize to suit your needs (PDF) (Word).

Happy basket making!

Magnify Him Together
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