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Creation is such an exciting story to teach to young children … showing how the world was created from darkness into light … from nothing to beautiful trees, animals, nature, people and so much more!  This material was put together for a 3 to 5 year old Bible School class.

Lesson Notes

These are the lesson notes to go along with the creation lessons.  Included in the lesson notes are a few activities to do with the children throughout the lesson.


Activities / Games

An activity or game was included throughout the lesson (or at the end) to help the children remember the days of creation.

Day 1 –  Blanket Activity
Hide under a big blanket and explain what the world was like. Recite Genesis 1v1-3 and at the appropriate time, turn on a flashlight.

Day 2  –  Dividing Sky and Water
Have the kids all stand in the middle of the room and then divide them in two and separate the two groups – sky and water.

Day 3  –  Demonstration with Props
Items needed … large flat dish, jug of water, large rock, plants, flowers, apple, knife.

  • “God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered into one place.”
    Bring out a large dish and water.  Pour the water into the dish.
  • “Let dry ground appear.”
    Bring out the large rock and place it in the middle of the dish … show how the water is separated.
  • “Let the land produce plants.”
    Bring out the plants and flowers and place them inside the dish.
  • “And let there be trees on the land that bear fruit with seeds in it.”
    Bring out the apple and cut it in half to show the seeds

Day 4  –  Star, Star, Sun Game (version of Duck, Duck, Goose)
Put the kids in a circle, choose someone to be moon.  “Moon” goes around the circle saying “star, star” until they want to choose a “sun”.  The “sun” chases the “moon” around the circle and sits down where the “sun” was.

Day 5  –  Animal Guessing Game (drawing)
Draw a sea creature or bird on a sheet of paper in front of the class and have the kids guess what it is.

Day 6  –  Animal Guessing Game (acting)
Make an animal noise, or act like a certain animal and the kids have to guess what it is.


Creation Workbook

This workbook helps to reinforce what was created on each day.  Here are some ideas of how you can decorate the numbers on each day in the workbook:

  • Day 1  –  colour half black, leave the other half white.
  • Day 2  –  colour top half light blue (sky), colour bottom half dark blue (water), paint clouds with cotton balls dipped in white paint.
  • Day 3  –  colour the top light blue (sky), dark blue (water), brown (land), put flower and tree stamps or stickers on the land.
  • Day 4  –  colour top section blue and put sun sticker, colour bottom section black and put moon and star stickers.
  • Day 5  –  colour top half light blue (sky), bottom half dark blue (water), put fish, sealife and bird stickers.
  • Day 6  –  colour bottom green (ground) and top blue (sky), put animal stickers and stamps, colour Adam and Eve drawing.
  • Day 7  –  colour and decorate the words “God rested”.

Click here to download the workbook.


Sensory Bottles

Kids LOVE sensory bottles!!  These can be made with any type of plastic bottle.  Gatorade bottles are a good option because they have a larger opening at the top to put things in!  Fill each bottle with various items that correspond with the days of creation and pass the bottle around to the kids when you speak about what was created on that particular day.

Here’s what is included in each bottle:

  • Day 1  –  2 bottles … #1 with black food colouring … #2 with yellow food colouring and gold glitter.
  • Day 2  –  mineral / baby oil, blue food colouring, styrofoam clouds, silver glitter.
  • Day 3  –  fake flowers, real flowers, small branch with leaves, blue tape and white paper (on outside of bottle to show the sky and clouds).
  • Day 4  –  yellow bouncy ball (sun), glitter, star stickers, moon cut out of foam.
  • Day 5  –  2 bottles … #1 with blue food colouring, foam fish, shells, glitter, foam seaweed stuck on outside of bottle … #2 with feathers, foam birds, small bird toys / stickers, bird erasers.
  • Day 6  –  small animal toys / stickers, animal erasers, lego man and woman.


Creation Book

Divide a piece of white bristol board into 4 strips (have bristol board laying portrait way).  Fold 2 strips in half and staple down the centre to form a little book with 8 pages.  Note:  each sheet of Bristol board will make two books.

Here are some ideas for decorating each day:

  • Colour the picture for the front cover and add the student’s name.
  • Day 1  –  draw diagonal line down page – glue pieces of black paper on one half, leave other half white
  • Day 2  –  colour sky blue, glue cotton ball clouds in the sky, paint water on bottom of page (glad wrap painting – refer to this post on how to do glad wrap painting)
  • Day 3  –  colour top half light blue (sky), water dark blue, crumpled brown paper for land, pre-cut tree trunks from brown paper, tissue paper scrunched up for leaves, flower stickers / stamps
  • Day 4  –  glue black piece of paper on one half, blue piece of paper on other half, put moon cut-out and star stickers on black page, sun cut-out on blue page.
  • Day 5  –  colour top half light blue (sky), glue feather/felt birds, handprint fish at bottom, cover with blue cellophane or light material (water).
  • Day 6  –  crayon lion, cotton ball sheep, lady and man cut-out, animal foam stickers
  • Day 7  –  ahead of time, write “GOD RESTED” with a white crayon on the back page. Have the kids paint over the top with watered down tempera paint to reveal the hidden message!

Click here to download the cover for the Creation Book.
Click here to download the stickers for each day (printed on Avery labels #22805).
Click here to download the text for each day.


Collage Board

Stick a large piece of white paper to the wall.  Print out various clipart that represent what was created on each day.  As you talk about the various days of creation, have the children stick on the things associated with that day.  (For the presentation night at Bible School, I used this idea.  A recording of “The Story of Creation” song was played and as each day of creation was sung about, the children would go and attach their picture to the large sheet of paper.)

Creation Hand Motions

This is a great way to help younger children remember the days of creation!  On the numbers, put corresponding finger/s in the air.

  • Day 1 – dark and light (hands over face)
  • Day 2 – water and sky (make waves with hands, then hands up high for sky)
  • Day 3 – dry land and plants (move flat hands back and forward in front of you, then push hands upward like a tree)
  • Day 4 – sun (make circle above head with arms), moon (C-shape with one hand), stars (diamond shape with hands)
  • Day 5 – fish (put hands together and wiggle) and birds (flap arms)
  • Day 6 – animals (roar like a lion, hop like a kangaroo), Adam and Eve (put arms around self)
  • Day 7 – God rested (put both hands out, palms up)


Creation Related Snack

If you would like to get creative and make a creation snack, here are a few ideas:

  • Lesson 1  –  clouds (marshmallows)
  • Lesson 2  –  trees (two-bite brownie or Viva Puff as the soil, stick pretzel for tree trunk, melted green choc buds for the leaves).  Theses need to be prepared in advance!
  • Lesson 3  –  sun, moon (candy bananas, other sun-shaped candy)
  • Lesson 4  –  fish, birds (goldfish, fish and bird-shaped candy)
  • Lesson 5  –  animals (animal crackers, snake candy)


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