Bible Reading Discussion Cards

Do you need help coming up with discussion points for when you do the daily Bible readings as a family?  Or perhaps you have the CYC at your house for Bible readings and are looking for a way to involve everyone in the discussion?

This is a set of cards printed by the Christadelphian Office which helps to encourage discussion.  There are six different colour-coded categories and within each category, there are a number of different sections.  Most of the questions have been written in a general way so they can be adapted to whatever Bible passage is being read.

Here’s a quick summary of the six categories:

Practical – find a lesson from the reading that can be applied to our own lives.

Link to … – find links between the chapter being read and other Bible passages (ie. events, places, people, themes etc.)

Question – a general question relating to the passage (ie. Where am I?, When am I?)

Preach – put yourself in the shoes of someone preaching the gospel and answer the card from that perspective!

Study – these are a number of sections within this category – all to do with digging deeper into a particular verse, theme, Bible echo or type.

Special – this category makes the discussion a little random!  If you get one of these cards you may need to expand on a point that someone has already made, or you may even have to answer two other new cards taken from the pile!

There are also two blank cards included and you can make your own discussion questions.

We have used them with just our family and also with the CYC.  We had CYC readings at our house one evening and gave everyone a card before we started the particular reading (we paired the younger children up with an adult so they could work together).  It was great to see the kids looking for their comments as we read through the passage!  It was also neat to see some of the older ones helping the younger ones or adding to their discussion points.

You can order a set of the cards from the Thousand Oak Library (USA).

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