A New Year – Updated Themes and Schedules

And now, Lord, what do I wait for?  My hope is in You. – Psalm 39:7

So the sun sets on another year.  And still we wait.

The Hebrew language is much more colorful than our own, and the word “wait” is no exception.  In Hebrew “to wait” has the connotation of an eager anticipation, and is closely connected with the Hebrew word “to hope.”  Hebrew is a pictorial language and the word “wait” literally means to twist and bind together like a cord.  The related word “hope” is translated “cord” in the story of Rahab.  For Rahab it was a cord of hope, an anticipation of Salvation, that she clung to.  It was a firm and secure anchor for her soul, while everything that appeared secure crumbled around her.

While we don’t know what the next year brings, we will – like Rahab – wait.  Although the walls may crumble all around us, still we can cling to the cord of hope, trusting in the Salvation that will surely come.

Upcoming Resources for 2020

While we wait together for our Salvation, we pray that we can continue to magnify Him in all we do.  The following is the schedule and upcoming resources we hope to share.

New this year:

God willing, we are beginning a new Bible Reading Challenge for children, teens, and adults.  We hope to share a list of activities for each book of the Bible, beginning this week with Genesis.  Watch for more details in the post tomorrow.

We also are hoping to share on a bi-weekly basis an audio of Bob Lloyd Minute Meditations.  This is scheduled on Fridays, alternating with Jason Hensley’s End of Week Encouragement Podcast.

Continuing this year:

Mondays, we hope to continue the Teen Podcasts series, starting next week with a series by Mike Livermore titled: “Classic Lessons for Modern Challenges.”

On Tuesdays, we have a few new upcoming resource post series including: a “how to” series, traveling with your Bible series,  a wedding series (beginning in the springtime).  We also hope to continue sharing plays and other related posts on Tuesdays as before.

On Wednesdays, we hope to share a new Scripture writing plan based on the characteristics of Christ (starting tomorrow), more audio books, book reviews, video children devotions and more.

Thursdays will continue to be Sunday School material through the end of March, followed by Kids Class material.

As mentioned before, Fridays will alternate between End of Week Encouragement Podcasts and Minute Meditation audio recordings.

Saturday will be the new posting date for Scripture Art.  This year we hope to have End of Week Encouragement Scripture Art correspond with Scripture taken from the first portion of the Christadelphian reading plan.

2020 Site Updates

As we have collected resources, the website has become a little cumbersome to navigate.  We hope to spend some time updating the organization of the site over the next couple of months.  If you notice transitional changes, please bear with us 🙂

As always, please email us with any resources, thoughts, and ideas.  We love to hear from you!

We pray that all of our plans are interrupted by our Master’s return!  Until then may God be with you as we strive to Magnify Him Together in all our ways.

Magnify Him Together
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