“His Joy” Verse Writing Plan for January

{Thank you to Julie S. for this verse writing plan.}

He was joyful. He could see a magnificent outcome out of small beginnings; he was certain of the ultimate victory of right over wrong which gave him courage; he displayed what sooner or later we all discover, that those who are doing the most for others are in fact the happiest people. He could see all that he would gain from sacrifice, instead of all that he would give up. No one ever has found joy in a selfish life or by doing wrong. He said often: “Be of good cheer!”

January Writing Plan


Motivation from our Readers

A group of sisters in Australia wrote out the scripture verse each day.  They set up a WhatsApp group and sent their verses to each other.  What a great way to stay motivated and be accountable to each other!

The photos below are some of their creative photos they sent each other.  Thanks for sharing these with us!


Magnify Him Together
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