Teen Podcast Episode 54 – Special Edition – The Medical Evidence of Bible Truth

This is Special Edition of the Teen Podcast titled, “The Medical Evidence of Bible Truth” by Jonathan Bowen!

Below are the books and resources mentioned in the podcast.


These can be found at The Christadelphian Office (England), Detroit Book Supply (US), Thousand Oaks Ecclesial Library (US)

The Man David by Harry Tennant

The Life of Christ by Melva Purkis

The Protestors

A Time to Hear Series by S. J. Knight – sample audio here

In Search for Life by Anna Tikvah- audio book here

Who are You Looking For by Anna Tikvah – audio book here

An Invitation to Forever by Anna Tikvah

Eleven Weeks by Anna Tikvah



Bible Marking

Bible Marking Grid 

Junior Elpis Worksheet

Magnify Him Together
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