Passover & Spring Feasts – Workbooks and Video Devotions for Kids

It was the month of Abib.  The deathly chill of winter began to give way to milder days, and the early signs of spring.  Tender green buds seemed to appear out of nowhere.  The pastures sprang to life with new little lambs.  A steady hum rose in the city of Jerusalem as crowds began to trickle in from the cities all around to observe the annual Feast of Passover.

The families living in and around Jerusalem began their yearly lamb selection process.  Off to the pasture they would go to inspect each new lamb, searching for the Perfect One – a lamb without spot or blemish.  They would bring it into their home, and over the next four days they would tenderly care for that one special lamb until Passover Day.

Little did the people of Jerusalem know that this Passover would be like no other…

Because at the very same time that the families brought their perfect Passover lamb into their home, The Perfect Lamb entered the city of Jerusalem.  His name was “Salvation of God” or Jesus.  This Passover Lamb would truly bring God’s Salvation and Deliverance – not from Egypt this time, but from the terrible bondage of Sin and Death.

The time had come.  It was the evening before the Passover Lamb would be slain.  Jesus sat with his disciples in an upper room.  “I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer,” he said.

He took the unleavened Passover bread, the symbol of the affliction of Israel in Egypt, and broke it.  “This is my body which is given for you.”  Yes, broken and afflicted, his body would be given for them… that very Passover.

Within hours, the Perfect Lamb was in the hands of cruel Jews and Gentiles – all searching for spot and blemish and finding none.  “I find no fault in him,” Pilate said.  “Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!”  the mob cried.

And so it happened on the very day, at the very hour that the Passover lambs were killed as a memorial of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt – the Perfect Passover Lamb was crucified.

While the Perfect Passover Lamb’s blood flowed from his hands and feet to the wood on which he was crucified, the people of Jerusalem keeping the Passover recalled the time the angel of Death passed over the houses whose doors were painted with the blood of their lamb.

An anguished voice cried out – “It is finished!”

The Perfect Passover Lamb was dead.

The reign of Sin was over.  Although Jesus was born under Sin’s Rulership, he NEVER yielded in obedience to the Flesh, he never SERVED Sin.  He was The Lamb who lived without spot and without blemish.  And now through the death of his flesh-and-blood body hanging on the cross, the power of Sin had been destroyed.

– excerpt from grade 5-8 workbook.


The following workbooks were used at CHC to the Spring Feasts and what these God-given celebrations pointed forward to.  There is also a corresponding set of Bible marking notes for the grade 5-8 book.



Spring Feasts Workbook Grade 1-4                    Spring Feasts Workbook Grade 5-8            Corresponding Bible Marking



This puzzle craft uses phrases from the Passover that pointed to Christ to outline a Christ-silhouette puzzle.  The diorama craft is a great way hands on way to help visualize the elements of the Passover.



“Our Passover Song” by Dan Osborn is perfect for incorporating into the study.



Below are two Passover Devotion videos by Frank Abel from CHC.  Apologies for the low video quality of the second one, but along with the audio hopefully it can still give the sense and be useful.





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