God Feeds Elijah (CSSA Primary Stage 3 Lesson 4)

Introduction and Lesson


Memory Verse Video

Since memory verse videos are bi-weekly, there is no memory verse video for this lesson.  However, you can use the memory verse video from last week for a review!


Memory Verse Pages

Here are the memory verse printables for the first six lessons:

Click here to download the memory verse page.

Click here to download the first six memory verses.


Eye Spy with Ellie

Ellie has lots of things that make us think about from the story of Elijah!  Can you figure out what she took away?  Thank you to Joanna and Ellie G! 



Thank you to Rosey G!

“Elijah” – Song for Lessons 4-7.  Below is an audio file, sheet music, and the words in jpg format.


Elijah – Sheet Music & Words PDF

Elijah – Lessons 4-7 (downloadable audio)



Powerpoint from FreeBibleImages

Freebibleimages.org has a set of illustrations related to Elijah that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link: https://www.freebibleimages.org/illustrations/elijah-brook/. You will see options to use as a slideshow or download as a PowerPoint file (there are other options, as well).



Year-Long Lapbook Project

This week, there are two crafts to add to the lapbook (print the PDF of both crafts here: Lesson 4 PDF (2 pages).

Lapbook so far!

Use the Lapbook Craft video below to guide your students through this week’s crafts!

Thank you to Julia H for the Lapbook and Joanna G for the Lapbook video!


Food Craft Video

Make the Ravens who fed Elijah!  Thank you to Julia H!


Printable Play Dough Mat

Thank you to Sheva B. for this playdough mat!

Elijah Fed by Ravens – Play Dough Mat PDF


Coloring Elijah Dice Game

Thank you to Tanya W. for this Dice Game!

Color Elijah Dice Game PDF

CSSA Craft Ideas

Stage 3 Primary Lesson 4 Craft Idea Sheets PDF


Pinterest Boards

CSSA Stage 3, Lesson 4 Pinterest board by Jane Petite

CSSA Stage 3 Pinterest board by Judith Skipper

Elijah Pinterest Board by Magnify Him Together


Homework and Activity Sheets

Practical Challenge

Thank you Kate B for these Practical Challenges!

What a great test of faith for the widow to give food to Elijah first before feeding her son and herself!  We know that God provides our food and we are blessed to always have plenty.  This week, when it’s time for a meal or snack, make sure everyone else takes something before you.


Colouring Sheet


Elijah Fed by Ravens Coloring Sheet

Homework Sheets

CSSA Stage 3 Primary Lesson 4 Pre-Writers Word

CSSA Stage 3 Primary Lesson 4 Pre-Writers PDF

CSSA Stage 3 Primary Lesson 4 Homework Word

CSSA Stage 3 Primary Lesson 4 Homework Sheet PDF


CSSA Activity Sheet

Stage 3 Primary Activity Sheets – Lesson 4 PDF

Printable Review Game for Lessons 1-4

Thank you Tanya W. for this review game!

Print off the game board, cards, and instructions here: CSSA Stage 3 Lesson 1-4 Game.  (This game was designed with Junior questions, but some cards have been left blank and can be replaced with primary questions.)



Check out the Junior Lesson Four post for more resources!

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