2021 Calendar, Planner, & IOS Backgrounds

As we head into another year of awaiting our Lord’s return, we thought it helpful to create a calendar & a matching daily planner to help us in this. Inside are some beautiful verses concerning the day of immortality and some photos of creation to give us a vision of the day when the earth will be made like unto Eden once again.

Below we have provided a few different pdf’s. The first is a PDF print out of the calendar! For this, you will want to download the file & find either a website or a local business that can print personalized calendars. For example, here in Canada you can go to Staples Copy & Print, either in person or online, and print a calendar for less than $10! Other online ideas could be Vistaprint or Mixbook, surely there will be something close to you! This calendar is coloured, but if you selected “black and white” ink when ordering you will reduce the costs a little and remove the colour. Completely up to you! This calendar also lacks any holidays or events, making it available to use on any continent.

To be noted – these photos, unfortunately, are not our own, but they are “free” photos to use online, so we do not claim any copy rights or anything like that!

Also to be noted – Proverbs does not have 90 chapters, so please forgive me – the cover should say Psalms. Hopefully we can get this fixed soon!

2021 | Spiritual Calendar PDF Download

Secondly, we have created a daily planner/diary that matches the calendar! Now with these PDF prints, because the photos are smaller, we have provided a copy for black & white as well as one for colour. The black and white PDF only has the verses, whereas the coloured one has both pictures and the verse. Each is labelled accordingly below. Below also is a coloured cover for the planner. If you choose to print in black and white, you can either have just a coloured cover OR have the coloured cover printed with only black and white ink. IN ADDITION – the planner has been published in black and white on Amazon, once approved it will be linked here for purchase!

2021 | Spiritual Planner PDF Download Colour

2021 | Spiritual Planner PDF Download Black & White

2021 | Spiritual Planner Cover PDF Coloured

And third, we have phone backgrounds specifically sized for IOS (iPhone) but can certainly be used for other phones as well. You can either save the photo shown by pressing & holding (if using the mobile browser) OR right-clicking & saving if using a computer.

May this be the year we have all awaited, even the beginning of endless years with our Lord. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Magnify Him Together
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