Sunday School Plays – Online Edition!

Thank you to Catherine W,  Carolyn J, Joanna G,  Becky G,  for sharing their creative ideas!

For those of us who are still navigating the uncharted waters of online Sunday School, a new online challenge looms.  What does an engaging, enjoyable Sunday School play – online – look like?!

Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Scripture Reading or narration: Choose a relevant and exciting passage from one of the lessons, assign different students the class-specific verses from the passage. Send instructions to students as to how to videotape themselves.  Encourage students to speak with lots of expression/gesture/use props. Piece videos together to create the reading of the passage.
  • Scripted Intro: Similar to the Scripture reading video, you can send out a script to all the students – giving each student an assigned line to read.  Once all the video lines are returned they are pieced together to create the full script.  This could be used for the intro (or any other part of the evening!)
  • Scene per family: Assign different family groups different scenes from the play to act out in their home/backyard.
  • Social distanced acting: Have families meet in a backyard to act out scenes, socially distanced from one another!
  • Introduction to a Bible character: Have students prepare to portray themselves as a character that they are excited and inspired by! Encourage them to dress up, use props, gestures, and tell their story!
  • Newscast: Have the SS student(s) as the news anchor reporting on a ‘story’. The news anchor scene would be interspersed with scenes of students acting out the Bible story as it unfolds! This is recorded individually by students at home, then put together in one video.
  • Another kind of newscast: Have a news anchor reporting on current events as they unfold related to Bible prophecy. The news anchor could be interspersed by live news clips (could be taken from the news!); all heralding the return of our Lord!
  • Skits and charades: Have family skits – each family acts out and videos different lessons charades and sends them into the Superintendent to play.  Afterwards, everyone guesses what each skit was Kahoot style.
  • Bible character visits:  Have the teachers dressed up as Bible characters visit the Sunday School kids’ houses handing out prize bags and candy.
  • Virtual choir: Have a virtual choir by a class or the whole Sunday School, using songs that have been practised over a period of time by the Sunday School students.
  • Zoom recording: Have the Sunday school class join via zoom.  Have each student prepare a scene from the story (made from LEGO, dolls, PlayMobile, etc), and the teacher can record the call while each student acts out their part. The teacher can either narrate as the story goes along, or each student can have a different part to tell.
  • Modified Play: Use a regular play script and have each student video themselves saying their lines.  Have someone edit them together so that it flows similar to a play.
  • Rise Up and Build Song on PowerPoint:  We put this PowerPoint together before Sunday School started and it’s used each week for the close of our Sunday School on zoom, but it could also be used in a Sunday School play evening.  Everyone is encouraged to do the actions in the chorus.  The music is embedded in the presentation – click on ‘slide show’ (top) then ‘start from the beginning’.  Rise Up And Build Song – on PowerPoint.
  • White Board Animation: This whiteboard animation idea (Red Sea White Board animation) could be repurposed for an online play!

Do you have more ideas?  Please feel free to email using the “Contact us” button!

Free video program recommendations

Thank you to Jon & Joanna G. for these recommendations.

  • iMovie – An IOS program that comes with all Macs. Easy to use, basic settings that create impressive-looking results. The app form (for iPhone/iPad) is not recommended.
  • Hitfilm Express – Needs to be downloaded from this site. Able to create good quality videos with easy controls.
  • Canva – An online graphic design and video editing website. Requires an account to use (i.e. email and password). Straightforward controls with lots of helpful suggestions and options while editing. Videos will be saved online and must be downloaded to your computer in order to use them.
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