CSSA Stage 3 Plays (David to Birth of Christ)

Rulers of Judah Presentation

Thank you to Keren J. for this play!
This Rulers of Judah Presentation was performed at Rathmines Bible School at the end of 2018.  It could be easily modified for an online presentation.
“The Rulers of Judah” song uses the tune: “When Johnny comes marching home”.  “The Rulers of Judah” song is based on this one from Youtube (we just tweaked a few lines to correct it and make it easier for the kids to learn): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASUN37IpQS4.  If you have brass and/or a pianist there is sheet music for “When Johnny comes marching home” here: https://bigshinybrass.com/junior-band-music/little-shiny-brass-quartets.php.
To prepare, the students rehearsed the song and their individual lines. We also took the time to tell the students lots of little interesting facts and stories about the rulers to fill in some of the background about them.
The following was the format for our presentation on prize night at Bible School:
  • Students lined up in order at the back of the auditorium.  They wore crowns and white t-shirts (each child wore a white t-shirt with the name of “their ruler” written in sharpie).
  • We played “Johnny come marching home” as a brass quartet while the students marched in and lined up on the stage.
  • Narration 1 – “Good evening everyone. My name is …..and we have spent the week learning lots about the kings of Judah. Tonight we want to give you a run-through of all the kings (and one queen of course) as well as teach you a song that will help you to remember their names”.
  • Narration 2 –  “Some were good and some were bad and some were in between. You’ll notice there are a few extras rulers that we’ve included – they are rulers that were alive at the same time and had a connection to Judah’s rulers. So listen carefully as we start from the very beginning”
  • Students sang the “Rulers of Judah” song with piano accompaniment and words available for the audience on the PowerPoint display (see PowerPoint below).
  • Starting from King Saul, each child recited their rhyme into the microphone in turn. The PowerPoint (below) also displayed their photo and words in the background.
  • Narration 3 – “So there we have it, all the rulers of Judah”
  • Narration 4 – “Now it’s your turn to sing along with us. The words are up on the screen….”
  • We then played the song with Brass Quartet, Piano as well as students and audience joining to sing.
  • Finally, the quartet played the tune one final time as students marched off stage to the back of the hall.

This is the PowerPoint that includes the words to the Rulers of Judah Song and the words to the Rulers of Judah Rhyme: Rulers of Judah PowerPoint.

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