December Scripture Writing Plan – I will… Hope

Thank you to Julie Snobelen for this writing plan!


The egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis are susceptible to predators due to their inability to defend themselves.  Butterflies, however, have very big wings for their body size.  Their wings provide them with the ability to escape predators through flight, camouflage, toxic warning, or confusion.  They are covered with tiny scales which are overlapping pieces of chitin (the same substance in the hard shells of insects).  The scales can absorb heat from the sun regulating body temperature.  They catch light and reflect in colours and irridescence.  They can come off, allowing a butterfly to escape, and they help improve lift when flying.  Although most butterflies don’t live very long, the Monarch butterfly uses its wings to migrate to warmer weather as far as 3000 miles away and lives for almost a year.

The goal of spiritual development is to make us a new creation and help us to rise up and overcome.

December Scripture Writing Plan – I will Hope (verses only)


December Scripture Writing Plan – I will Hope (including planner and meditation pages)


Junior December Scripture Writing Plan – I will Hope




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