Verse Writing Plan for February. Love God With Your Mind – The Bible

{Thank you to Julie S. for this verse writing plan.}

Read the Bible broadly and deeply.

There are things we can only learn about God through words.  The Bible is God’s words to us.  It gives us a fuller picture of who God is and who we are.  But we have to read it – all of it!

It takes about 75 hours to read all the way through the Bible on average.  This means that you could read the Bible all the way through in six months if you read for half an hour each day.  Or you could read it all the way through in a year if you read for 15 minutes each day.

If you don’t have a regular time for reading your Bible, make one this month!



Use the verse writing list below for the month of February.

Love God – February Writing Plan PDF



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