CSSA Stage 1 – A Wife for Isaac (Junior Lesson 9)

Choosing a Wife for Isaac (CSSA Junior Stage 1 Lesson 9)


The practical lessons abound in this week’s Sunday School lesson. What a wonderful opportunity to discuss marriage “only in the Lord”, the ways of providence in a disciple’s life or even how to cope with death from a spiritual perspective. The Life Application (The Death of Sarah and A Wife for Isaac) below has a number of interesting ideas to discuss in class (if time allows), or to send home with your students for them to discuss with their parents.

Homework Sheet

This is a Junior homework sheet (PDF) or (WORD)  (Thanks to Jim S. for this!)




Colouring Sheet

Click on the above image to download the PDF. (Thanks to Emily R!)

Memory Verse System

This is Lesson 9’s memory verse (PDF) or (WORD)



Practical Challenge

Thanks to Kate B. for sharing these practical challenges.

Each week we hope to share a practical challenge that can be incorporated into the lesson or as homework.

Lesson 9 – Practical Challenge

Coming Soon!

Craft Ideas

Two dedicated Sunday School teachers have very useful Pinterest pages that link directly to the CSSA program.

Take a look at the corresponding Primary Lesson to get more craft ideas!

Additional Resources

This PDF document is full of fantastic Bible marking ideas (Thanks to Christadelphian Studies for these Bible marking sheets!)



This is a Life Application titled The Death of Sarah  (PDF) (Thanks to Meridan Christadelphians!)

This is a really neat opportunity to discuss death & funeral preparations in a natural way using Biblical principles and ideas.


This is a Focus Point activity titled The Death of Sarah (PDF) (Thanks to Meridan Christadelphians!)



This is a Life Application titled A Bride for Isaac  (PDF) (Thanks to Meridan Christadelphians!)



This is a Focus Point activity titled A Bride for Isaac (PDF) (Thanks to Meridan Christadelphians!)




“And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her:
and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death.”
Genesis 24:67

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