Book Reviews – “God’s Silent Witnesses” Series

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“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handiwork.”

There aren’t many nature books I can think of that most children would want to pick up and read for fun.   However, these books (by M.J. Abel and J. Snobelen) present science facts in such an enjoyable and easy to read way, I imagine children may not even realize how much they are learning.  Most importantly, this series weaves God as the Creator throughout the books, attributing the marvelous creation to His handiwork.  It’s refreshing to have a God-centered set of nature books for reading time.


Abi the Ant: “There is a job for everyone in my home, and everyone works cheerfully.  Some of my sisters guard the openings in our nest.  Some go out to gather food to bring back to share with everyone.”




Emma the Earthworm: “God has made us to be very important parts of His world.  If it weren’t for us, there would be lots of dead things lying around and plants wouldn’t grow very well.”




Hannah the Honeybee: “Did you know that bees can’t see red?  But they can see one colour you can’t: ultraviolet.  God painted some flowers with this colour especially for us so we know where to find the nectar.”




Jamie the Thundercloud: “God also uses thunder and lightning to show people that He is a very strong and powerful God, like He did with Pharoah, the King of Egypt.”




Tommy the Tree: “God has made me very useful.  I can shade you from the sun, and protect you from the wind.  I can keep the soil together and clean the air.  You can burn me to keep warm, or turn my wood into a house.”


This “God’s Silent Witnesses” series is currently available from the following sources:

The Christadelphian Office: (England)

The Detroit Book Supply: (USA)

Thousand Oak Library: (USA)

Christadelphian Scriptural Study Service: (AUS)

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