Children’s Bible Bulletins Resource Review

Are you on the hunt for quality Bible activity pages and puzzle sheets?  Many of the basic Bible stories can quickly be found on pinterest or with a quick google search.  HOWEVER, if you are looking for some more specific, or for a Bible story that is not quite as well known as your David and Goliath type lessons, then you may want to consider a subscription to  Although they charge for a subscription, it is well worth it if you use puzzles and activity pages on a somewhat regular basis.


Children’s Bulletins have material for every. single. book of the Bible with the exception of Nahum and Obadiah (July 9 update: Nahum and Obadiah bulletins have been produced and will be available in the fall.  At that point EVERY book of the Bible will have corresponding bulletin material!).  On their website, the “bulletins” are broken into two categories – a set for 3-6 year olds, and a second set for 7-12 year olds.  If you search “Genesis” for 3-6 year olds, a list of 41 chapters out of the 50 come up.  Each of those 41 one chapters have at least one puzzle or activity sheet for each age group (some chapters have many puzzles or activities to choose from).  You are also able to “personalize” the sheets by adding the name of your Bible School or event right onto the sheet.


The puzzles and activity pages are fresh and fun – besides the usual crossword puzzles, mazes, and dot to dots, there are also codes, find the hidden objects, find the differences, adding missing vowels to create a verse, putting words in alphabetic order to find a secret word etc etc.  Check out these links to see a few sample pages:


Children bulletins also offers a free trial, so you can have time to check the site for yourself.

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