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Have you noticed how hard it is to forget an advertising jingle, no matter how hard you try?  Put the memory power of song to good use by creating a Bible Memory Song Box for use with your children or Sunday School class.

Our family’s box is just a regular index card filing box filled with index cards.  On each card is written the lyrics of a Bible memory song.  (See ideas below) Set aside a time each day when your family will choose 2-3 cards from the front of the box and sing them.  If it’s a new song, you might want to keep it at the front of the box for a few days.  Otherwise, move it to the back.  Short, sweet and effective!  Your kids (and you) will review all cards regularly and be able to learn important verses, Bible memory aids and lists that make it easier to navigate and live the Bible!

So, where to get the songs from?  Below is a list to get you started.  Many of these songs come from Youtube; some will be available on a program like Spotify.

These are basic Bible information in tunes that are generally simple enough to recreate with or without accompaniment.  A few of the songs are fairly long and complicated but they represent information that is unavailable in song elsewhere so we have included them.

If you choose to watch these youtube videos with your children please keep in mind that youtube content, ads and sidebars are not always appropriate; links can be pasted directly into this website for ad removal and safer viewing:

Other sources for songs in your collection might be favourite Sunday School songs, past memory songs from plays or camps, your family’s favorite verse or “theme song”.  Sources like Hide ‘Em in Your Heart (Steve Green), Sing the Word (The Harrow Family) and Scripture Memory Songs do an excellent job of setting important and useful verses to music too.  In our homeschooling family, our box also includes songs teaching scientific laws, math facts, addresses and phone numbers, spelling tricks, etc.

**Some of the other works of the artists listed above and below would not be recommended, due to concerns with content and style. Use at your own discretion.**

66 Books of the Bible

7 Days of Creation

Genesis 3:15

Life up Thine Eyes (Promises to Abraham) – Christadelphian CD (The Promised Land) can be purchased here

Jacob Had 12 Sons

10 Plagues

10 Commandments


Kings of Israel and Judah (slight edit required)

Prophets (in chronological order)

Jesus Called Them (12 Disciples)


Lord’s Prayer

Journeys of Paul

Love – Christadelphian CD (Our Blessed Hope) can be purchased here

Fruit of the Spirit

Whole Armor of God

Physical Geography – it helps to teach these with a map so kids have background when discussing current events and prophecy

Countries of Middle East

Bodies of Water in Middle East

We hope you enjoy learning new songs with your children or classes!

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“O come, let us sing for joy to the LORD, Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation.” Psalm 95:1

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