Spiritual Goals Month 8: Focusing on Relationships – Parenting

Continuing the second half of the year’s focus on relationships, this month’s goal suggestion is on parenting.  What parenting goals do you have that you want to focus on this month?

“Child Training Boot Camp” is a 30 day study that aligns with this month’s goal, and can be completed in about ten minutes each day (and part of the study includes “teaching it to your children”!)  It is a study that is written by the same woman who published Polished Cornerstones (see Polished Cornerstones review here: https://www.magnifyhimtogether.com/2018/08/15/polished-cornerstones-book-review/).  There are a few false doctrine references within the workbook (eg “the Holy Spirit’s guiding help” for your studying, and a reference to Jesus’ death as subtitutionary), but the overall study itself is helpful for examining Biblical parenting principles for yourself in a bite size sort of way!

The study can be found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Child-Training-Boot-Camp-Thirty-Day/

It can also be found on Pam Forster’s website (subscription required): mamasrefill.com





Here is the monthly journal page, to keep track your goals:

Monthly Discipline Journal Page August

Also don’t forget to print off a monthly attribute page to think through an attribute (or spiritual fruit) that you would like to focus on this month!

Attribute Focus

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