A Legacy of Living for God

Lord, if you had been here your servant would not have died…

And yet here we stand at the grave of the one whom we love…

Trusting that He is Sovereign and Loving – even when we have more questions than answers.  Knowing that He feels our sorrows – even though His next words to Linda will be, “Come forth!”

For now, we mourn the void left behind from one whose “soul magnified the Lord” in all that she did.  Whether it was for her family, contributions for her ecclesia, years of missionary work, untiring service for Bible Camps, she lived for God and lived to bring others to God.  Whatever her hand found to do, she did with all her might.

Even in this past year, despite the incredible physical and emotional challenges of her battle with cancer she did not waver from her work – continuing to serve in many ways, including being a primary contributor for both envisioning and carrying out the first Virtual Christadelphian Youth Camp less than two months before she fell asleep.

Here too, she continued to contribute posts despite her pain and suffering, until she went into the hospital, less than two weeks before she fell asleep.  This website would never have existed without her, and her fingerprint will continue to be all over MagnifyHimTogether – her Bible Verse art, the banner design, her Meeting Notes book, lapbooks, Family Days and so much more.

Your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

May we continue to be strengthened by her work and inspired to carry on the Labor of the Lord…  Until the day Jesus returns with the sound of the trumpet, and those who sleep in the dust awake to Magnify the Lord together.

See you in the Kingdom, friend.

Magnify Him Together
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