Scripture Writing Plan for July – Spiritual Gardening: Roots

{Thank you to Julie S. for this writing plan!}

Water is absorbed through the roots of a plant, especially the fine root hairs at the tips, and carries minerals from the soil to all parts of a plant.

The roots also keep a plant anchored in the ground so it doesn’t get washed or blown away in a storm.

At the tip of each root is a root cap that pushes its way through the soil and sometimes even through concrete to find the water and nutrients it needs.

Plants need a good, deep watering every week or so. This helps their roots grow deep into the soil to access more nutrients and provide a good, strong anchor.

Plants without sufficient water, if they survive, will be much smaller, and will not produce much if any fruit.

July Scripture Writing Plan – Roots PDF

July Scripture Writing Plan PLUS Weekly Planner and Meditations PDF

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