Travelling with Paul Passport

This week we would like to share with you a passport that goes along with the journeys of the Apostle Paul.  It was originally created as part of the Travelling with Paul Lapbook, but can also be used on its own as a Bible School craft or to accompany Sunday School lessons.  I have used the passport for both!

Two Different Passports

There are two passports:

  • Blue cover – simple passport. This is suitable for younger children as it doesn’t involve a lot of writing.  The children write the lesson number and glue in a destination stamp.
  • Green cover – detailed passport. The children attach a destination sticker, write Paul’s destination, lesson number, Paul’s travelling companion/s and key events that happened at each location.

I am currently using the green covered passport with my SS class while we are covering the life of Paul.  They kids really look forward to completing it each week and it’s a great way for them to summarise the main points from the lesson.

Destination Stickers and Stamps

I created destination stickers to go along with the green passport, using the places Paul visited in the CSSA Primary Notes (Stage 5).  The stickers are designed to be printed on Avery labels #22805.  If you do not have access to these stickers, you can print on regular paper and cut them out.  These stickers also fit in the blue covered passport if you choose to use that one.

A file has been created with a complete list of destination stamps for all the places Paul visited.  Both the PDF and Word documents are attached for these files in case you would like to delete some of the destinations before printing them.  Please note that some fancy fonts were used for the destination stamps, so they may not display correctly on your computer.  You may like to change the font to another one that is installed on your computer.

Files for the Passports

Instructions on how to assemble the passports are found in the above PDF files.

Happy travelling with Paul!

Magnify Him Together
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