Moses In Egypt: Five Day Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Day Five – Crossing the Red Sea

Supply Checklist:

  • Photos or PowerPoint for storytelling
  • Puppets for storytelling – pillar of cloud and fire
  • Props for storytelling – rod, blue blankets or plastic tablecoths
  • Activity – sand sensory bin with measuring cups, spoons, funnel OR with people and livestock figurines
  • Song – printed words, downloaded recording of song
  • Craft supplies – brown construction paper for background, blue construction paper with a wavy line drawn down the middle and bent along the edges, scissors,  glue,  precut verse
  • Additional activity – printed puppets, crayons, popsicle sticks, tape
  • Snack – blue jello, fish crackers, water, plates, cups, napkins

The people crossed through the sea with a wall of water either side of them. – Slide 15

Big Idea:

God will guide us; we must follow Him.

Photos for Storytelling:

Free Bible Images has a series of illustrations that can be used to tell the story of the Red Sea crossing:  You can print off large copies, or put the photos in a PowerPoint presentation.   (We did a post on ideas for using the free Bible images website.)

Props for Storytelling:

Rod – to demonstrate Moses raising the rod to part the sea.

Blue blanket or plastic tablecloths – to represent the Red Sea.

Puppets – print and use cloud and fire puppets for telling the story (template is in the post intro).

Beach, Sand, Sunlight, Shovel, Toy

Sensory or Movement:

Make a sand sensory bin.  Include measuring cups, spoons, and bowls to explore playing with the sand.  Alternatively, put livestock and people figurines in the sand to cover and find.



How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea

How did Moses cross the Red Sea (3x)
How did he get across?
Did he swim? No, no
Did he sail? No, no
Did he fly? No, no, no, no
Cross a bridge? No, no
Did he leap? No no
How did he get across?

God blew with His wind
Puff, puff, puff, puff
He blew just enough
‘nuff, ‘nuff, ‘nuff, ‘nuff
And through the sea
God made a path
That’s how he got across.

(Apologies for not having audio.  There are several recordings of this song on youtube, if you would like to hear the tune for free.) 


Have kids cut along the wavy blue line.  Glue the blue cut paper down onto the brown paper to create an opening blue sea.  Have the children draw people walking across.  Glue verse onto the outside.

Additional Craft:

Puppet coloring!  Using crayons or markers color precut pillar of cloud and fire puppets before gluing them onto popsicle sticks (template is in the post intro).

Image result for fish crackers


Blue jello and fish crackers.




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