Creation (CSSA Junior Stage 1 Lesson 2)

Junior Lesson

The Creation – what an exciting opportunity to explore the Biblical record and dig a little deeper with children as they grow older.

The CSSA notes focus a lot on the physical seven days of creation, so we tried to include in the teacher’s notes a bit of the spiritual lessons that come from Genesis 1. You can modify this depending on what level of understanding your class is at.

Here are teacher’s notes (PDF) or (WORD)

Homework Sheet

This is a homework sheet (PDF) or (WORD) (Thanks to Jim S. for this!)

This is a junior homework sheet for older students (PDF) or (WORD) (Thanks to Jim S!)

Colouring Sheet

Click on the above sheet to download PDF. (Thanks to Jesse Fletcher!)

Memory Verse System

This is Lesson 2’s memory verse (PDF) or (WORD)

Practical Challenge

Thanks to Kate B. for sharing these practical challenges.

Each week we hope to share a practical challenge that can be incorporated into the lesson or as homework.

Lesson 2 – Practical Challenge

Coming Soon!

Craft Ideas

Two dedicated Sunday School teachers have very useful Pinterest pages that link directly to the CSSA program.

Take a look at the corresponding Primary Lesson to get more craft ideas!

Additional Resources

This PDF document is full of Bible marking ideas for Creation. (Thanks to Christadelphian Studies for these Bible marking sheets!)

Here are some handouts and activities referenced in the lesson plan:

“What is God Trying to Teach Me” Poster

“God’s 7000 Year Plan” Handout

Days of Creation Flap book (older child version)

Bible Marking Master Sheet

Here is an example of the flap book filled out:

Below are a few games and mazes relating to today’s lesson: (Thanks to Meridian Christadelphians for these!)

“God created the heavens and the earth” Word Search

“It is God’s creation” Jigsaw Puzzle


**Special Project**

Starting next week our 11-12 year class (of all girls) will be starting a year long special project called “Women in the Beginning”

Each time a women in scripture appears in the lesson we will add her to our “Women in the Beginning” journal by representing her somehow visually (for example: Eve might be drawn as a women or the students might choose to draw a garden to represent her.) Below each picture will be written the name and passage she is introduced. Around the four sides of the page the students will come up with moral lessons to be learned from each women in scripture.

These sketch book journals will be given to each student to keep a record of all the women we learn about from the beginning of scripture and how it relates to their life.

In the teacher’s notes each week there will be a line item for “Women in the Beginning” if there is to be addition to the journals.

At the end of the year the girls will have record of all the women so far in the Bible and they can take the journals home to continue adding women to inspire and learn from as the go through the rest of their Bibles.

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