Joseph Round Up: Crafts, Activities and Workbooks

Joseph is a favourite Bible character for many children because of the captivating story, diverse characters and ultimately happy ending. We’ve collected an assortment of Joseph related crafts & activities for you to use in a variety of settings. This could include Sunday Schools lessons, study days, Bible schools or even around your house.

If you have more Joseph related ideas, photos or templates that you’d like to share, please contact us here.


For a Bible Kids Camp we had a “Bible Friend” from the life of Joseph come to visit the children’s class each day. The actors all had a “key message” they were trying to convey from the life of Joseph, but they wrote their own scripts. We’ve found that volunteers remember their lines more easily if they write their own 5-10 minute script.  After they had gone through their scripted part, they answered questions from the children before leaving.

Here are a few more photos from another Joseph themed children’s class.

Guard, Butler, Joseph, Jacob, Baker, Asenath


These activity stations were organized for a 3-5 year old class. The children were split into 6 groups and they rotated through each table. Each table had a different colored disposable plastic tablecloth on it. A really simple way to organize the children into groups is by passing out Pharaoh head pieces that are constructed from 6 different colors of construction paper. Once the children have their headpieces on, they can go stand next to the plastic table cloth color that matches their headpiece.


Overall Organization

Here are the station instructions.



Here is a schedule for rotating tables.



Here are signs for each table.



Individual Activity Stations

Joseph lacing card



Joseph’s coat to decorate



Pharaoh’s headdress



Joseph playdoh activity mats





These workbooks were put together for a Little Disciples Gathering.  They could be used as is for a Bible School or some of the pages could be used for additional Sunday School activities … or even at home.


Workbook for Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten (around ages 3 and 4)  –  (PDF) or (Word).





Workbook for Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 (around ages 5 and 6)  –  (PDF) or (Word).





Workbook for Grades 2 and 3 (around ages 7 and 8)  –  (PDF) or (Word).





Here are a collection of crafts we have been sent for Joseph. Please visit our Magnify Him Together Pinterest page for more ideas!


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